Helping leaders in the education sector create inclusive learning spaces by developing equity-centered curricula and practices grounded in social justice.

Training and Education

Providing social justice-grounded and equity-centered webinars and workshops for trainers, teachers, faculty, and administrators in K-12 schools and higher-ed institutions, as well as community-based and non-profit organizations.

Instructional Design

Creating face-to-face and online learning experiences and materials that speak to an intersectionally diverse audience and engage learners who are systemically marginalized by their class, gender, racial or sexual backgrounds or identities.

“…make the classroom a place that is life-sustaining and mind-expanding, a place of liberating mutuality where teacher and student together work in partnership.”

bell hooks, Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope, 2003

Possible Outcomes

  • Apply social scientific research-based solutions to organizational practices and interactions.
  • Create healthy and safe learning environments that put students’ emotional and intellectual wellbeing at the center.
  • Strengthen learning community and increase student engagement by making teaching and learning effective and meaningful.

About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Esther Hio-Tong Castillo (she/her). I’m a sociologist, scholar-educator and DE&I expert.

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