Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

Traditional sexual harassment prevention trainings often limit its discussion to risk factors and measures for preventing sexual harassments and sexual assaults in the workplace.

This training, however, emphasizes the benefits of creating spaces that are free from sexual violence.

To become proactive in anti-sexual harassment, we must learn about gender and how people interact with each other based on gender in specific social situations.

Topics Covered
What is sexual harassment?
What should I do if I see harassment?
What is consent? How can it be given and received?
What are the best practices for creating a positive gender culture?

What is gender?
What is power? Who are at risk?
What do healthy boundaries look like?
What does a good anti-sexual harassment policy look like?

I conduct both face-to-face training and webinars, and I can also training according to the your organization’s specific context and the target audience.

Stories engage trainees and help them apply new skills to real-life scenarios.

Learning checks ensure that trainees have a good grasp of the material.

Let’s learn something great together.

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