Instructional Design

Instructional design isn’t just about using the latest technologies. I develop materials and design learning processes that speak directly to students while helping them gain practical skills and achieve their learning objectives.


Accessibility is as much about eliminating barriers to content as much as it is about creating a safe learning environment. I make learning effective by simplifying content and minimizing technological difficulties. I also design materials that are culturally relevant to students and create learning experiences in which they feel included and represented.

Diversity and Inclusion

There is a big difference between diversity and inclusion. While your classrooms might be diverse, it is likely that they are not inclusive. I help teachers and organizations evaluate and develop learning experiences in which students’ diverse realities and voices are represented and heard. That’s when learning takes place.

Learning Objectives and Evaluations

Do you have difficulty matching your content with your learning objectives? Are your evaluation tools effective at measuring and creating success? I help design learning objectives and evaluation tools that align with your learning content and overall goals.

What I Can Do for Your Organization:

  • Evaluate learning materials, assessment tools, and course/program curriculum.
  • Conduct and guide usability testings to determine whether materials are accessible and inclusive.
  • Provide concrete and tailored feedback and solutions to make teaching and learning more effective and meaningful.
  • Train leaders and staff to apply inclusive practices at all levels of teaching and learning, including interviewing staff, teaching for the classroom, teaching online, developing learning materials and assessment tools, interacting with students and guardians, mentoring students and more.
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