Training and Education

I offer a range of training and educational services to help you and your organization get up to date on the most current best practices to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and learning. Below are some of the workshops I offer. In addition, I also offer training on Antiracism; Inclusive Practices for Interviewing Your Next Staff and Supporting Immigrant Students At School. I can also customize webinars and trainings for your team and staff. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out anyway!

Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

This anti-sexual harassment training emphasizes the benefits of creating spaces that are free from sexual violence. We will discuss how to give and receive consent, how to set healthy boundaries and how to intervene when you see harassment. Learn more.

Implicit Bias Training (Intersectional Edition)

This implicit-bias training focuses on how people with marginalized identities experience biases intersectionally. It emphasizes gender, race and the common stereotypes and triggers of people with different gender identities and from different racial groups. We’ll also talk about how to disrupt our biases to create more a more inclusive culture.

Diversity Equity Inclusion 101

What’s the differences among diversity, equity and inclusion? Which is your organization ready to embrace? How can we translate social justice buzzwords into day-to-day practices? In this training, we’ll explore answers to these questions.

Let’s learn something together.

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